Collecting Twitter data with VOSONDash

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A short guide to collecting Twitter data and constructing networks for analysis with VOSONDash.

Francisca Borquez (VOSON Lab, School of Sociology, Australian National University)true

This guide provides a practical demonstration for collecting Twitter data and constructing networks, using VOSON Lab’s interactive R/Shiny app VOSONDash.

The GitHub page provides instructions to install and run VOSONDash. More information on features can be accessed in the VOSONDash Userguide(Borquez et al. 2020).

Collecting Twitter data

Twitter collection require authentication with OAuth1.0 API keys, provided via Twitter Developer account. Simply, enter the fields in the API Keys window in VOSONDash. The token can be saved to disk for future use.

In this example, data were collected on 6 December 2021 and include 200 recent tweets with the hashtags #auspol and #COVID-19 (Fig. 1).

Twitter networks

VOSONDash – via vosonSML– provides four types of Twitter networks for analysis:

Figure 1: VOSONDash – Twitter collection, Activity and Actor networks
Figure 2: VOSONDash – Two-mode network
Figure 3: VOSONDash – Semantic network

To learn more about VOSONDash network and text analysis features, see our previous post Analysing online networks with VOSONDash.

Borquez, F., B. Gertzel, X. Cai, and R. Ackland. 2020. VOSON Dashboard Userguide. Canberra, Australia: VOSON Lab, Australian National University.



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